Cognitive Law

Cognitive Law

Lucy Tarrant, Managing Director

Business description

Cognitive Law is a boutique consultancy law firm, offering outstanding commercial and personal legal services. With a head office in Brighton, Sussex, consultant solicitors at Cognitive Law are based nationwide and pride themselves on building a personal, 1 to 1 relationship with their clients. Cognitive Law Solicitors advise businesses and individuals on a range of commercial and personal matters and have a collective mission to provide the highest quality service at a reasonable and transparent cost.

Why is telecoms important to Cognitive Law?

 Telecoms is incredibly important to us as our team of consultant solicitors are based remotely nation-wide and abroad. This means we need a robust telecoms system to enable our team to stay connected, collaborate and serve clients effectively. As a busy consultancy, telecoms for us are essential in maintaining productivity, competitiveness and employee satisfaction.

Were there any particular challenges that Rubix VT helped address?

Yes absolutely. There were two main requirements we needed when reviewing our telecoms, the first being that we needed a system that enabled our head office team to smoothly and easily switch and direct calls across the team without any problems. The second, essential requirement was having a phone system which allowed our team to identify whether a call to their mobile was a personal or business call. The telecoms system provided by Rubix addressed both those issues and delivered us with a system that went above and beyond our requirements, including conference call technology, text messaging system and much more.

What has been the impact on the business?

The services provided by Rubix have had a hugely positive impact on the running of the business. The efficient and smooth-running system has been welcomed by the whole team and enabled everyone to stay better connected to each other and their clients. The training provided was excellent and easy to set up and understand even by the technophobes amongst us, which has made life a lot easier!

 Would you recommend Rubix?

The service at Rubix has been super. Their team are friendly, supportive, and professional and they are always on hand to help whenever we need them.

Without a shadow of doubt, we would recommend Rubix to any business looking to improve their telecommunications!