Bennett Oakley

Bennett Oakley

James Leighton, Managing Director

Business description

Bennett Oakley is a 100% employee owned law firm servicing both individual and commercial clients. Bennett Oakley undertakes a range of work from conveyancing to mergers and acquisitions.

Why is telecoms important to Bennett Oakley?

 Telecoms are a crucial part of our business. We need to speak with clients, other lawyers, the court and more on a daily (probably hourly basis). A reliable and simple telecoms system is therefore crucial to our operations.

Were there any particular challenges that Rubix VT helped address?

Rubix has provided us with a phone system that is easy to operate and customise. It ensures that we are able to reach our clients and contacts with ease. The inclusion of the mobile app is extremely useful as it allows or staff to stay connected on the move. The app has helped us seamlessly transition into the ‘new working world’ and has ensured that staff are able to receive and make office calls without the need to invest in a fancy system!

What has been the impact on the business?

The most noticeable point is that the app has relieved the pressure of those working at home to either have a separate handset or to divert calls to their personal phones. The system works seamlessly between office and home without the need for staff input.

Would you recommend Rubix?

The system is great and just works. When help is required Rubix is responsive and easy to contact.
We would definitely recommend Rubix.