Why pay more than you need to on business energy

Switching energy suppliers is one the easiest ways of saving money. Nothing really changes. Your electricity and/or gas comes into your premises in exactly same way. In direct terms, all that changes is the price you pay.

There are two main reasons why businesses switch suppliers

  1. To save money
  2. To support a supplier that uses greener sources of energy

We can find the right deal for you – and save you the hassle of comparing suppliers.

Just send us a copy of your current bill and we will find the right supplier and work out the best deal. We can work out if it’s best for you to have a fixed or variable deal, and the optimum contract length.

Researching the business energy market can be a tricky exercise – but we have the experience and knowledge to find the best deal. Not just for you – but also for the environment.

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The benefits of business energy with Rubix VT

  • Simple to switch
  • Just send your latest bill and we'll send you a quote
  • Full market access to the best deals
  • Option of green and renewable energy tariffs
  • Ask for a quote - there's nothing to lose!

Think green, help the planet

If you are on a standard business energy package and you switch to renewable energy, has your power supply changed? Has your energy become cleaner overnight?

The answer is that, unless you are hooked up to your own rooftop solar panels, the electricity flowing through your building is being supplied via the National Grid, just as before.

So why go green? What does switching to renewable energy actually mean? Is there any point?

It;’s not about the energy you use, it’s about how the energy you use is replaced

When you sign up for a green business energy plan, you will be guaranteeing that green energy enters the grid.

We will find the supplier which offers the right green package for you and they will do the rest. Effectively, the electricity you use, will be replaced by a green source.