Save money on your water bills

Did you know that you can switch your water supplier?

Most of us are used to shopping around for insurance or energy, but how many of us have changed our water supplier?

We won’t actually supply your water or remove sewerage, you’ll be relieved to know. We leave that to the experts. But what we can do is save you money on all the extra add-ons that water companies will charge you.

Ever since a change in the law in 2017, businesses have been able to shop around for their water, and considerable savings have been made.

And Rubix VT is very pleased to be able to offer you a discounted water supply.

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The benefits of water brokerage with Rubix VT

  • Your water supply and waste water removal is unaffected
  • By switching, you can reduce how much you pay for 'retail fees'
  • The billing is simple and uses plain English
  • It is an easy way to save money - simply send us your latest bill and we do the rest
  • You can compare the prices and choose the best deal

How does it work?

Of course, we won’t be physically pumping the water to your premises. Unsurprisingly, we don’t have access to reserviors or sewerage systems

The water provision (and removal of wastewater) will still managed by your regional water company, whether it is Southern Water, Thames Water, Severn Trent Water or any of the big players in the market. These companies still maintain the reservoirs, ensure your drinking water is safe and dispose of the sewerage.

Where we save you money is on all of the add-ons that your water supplier currently charges you (known as retail fees).

Retail fees include the costs of billing, meter reading, running call centres, account management and customer support.

In association with our chosen partner Everflow Water, we offer cheaper retail fees, whilst maintaining excellent customer services. We collect the payments for your water supply and we pay the water company – but you don’t pay for their extra services.

Why are we cheaper? The large water companies tend to charge higher retail fees as they have no incentive to drop their prices. The vast majority of people simply don’t make the effort to shop around.