The Rubix Way

Our Mantra is Telecoms Simplified – but can telecoms really be simple?

Most certainly.

Telecoms just means that:

  1. When someone rings your business or organisation, they can reach the person they wish to talk to or they can easily find the information they require.
  2. If they call at a busy time, then they are kept updated of wait times, and not left waiting in silence.
  3. Your team can make calls efficiently
  4. You can monitor and analyse call volumes, answer times and other metrics so you can make improvements
  5. You can integrate your phones with your CRM and productivity tools


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So, in a complicated world, our goal is simple - We’re here to help your business succeed.

  • Greater productivity – wherever you are
  • Enhanced professional communication with your customers
  • Fast, resilient internet and email connectivity
  • Improved, streamlined resources with CRM integration
  • Better efficiency with easy to navigate technology
  • Super-fast effectiveness with dedicated connectivity

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