How Collier Pickard can help you manage your workflows

The Future of Business Automation

Collier Pickard specialises in the CRM, Customer Experience (CX), and Workflow Management arenas, and are committed to the principles of educating, empowering, and evolving businesses.


At Collier Pickard, the CRM consultancy hinges on a personalised approach, ensuring the solutions they recommend are perfectly aligned with your business goals and operational requirements.

The CRM strategies are designed to enhance not only sales processes but also marketing, customer service, and operational efficiency, ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive approach to managing your business relationships and workflows.


Through unified communications and strategic Customer Experience (CX) solutions, they empower your business to deliver exceptional customer service, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

The CX strategies are developed with compatibility in mind, ensuring seamless integration with your current systems for a unified operational approach.

Workflow Management

Collier Pickard’s workflow management solutions aim to optimise your processes, reducing inefficiencies and boosting productivity across all levels of your organisation.

By implementing cutting-edge workflow management technologies, they enable automation of repetitive tasks, freeing up your team to focus on strategic initiatives that drive growth.

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The benefits of business services with Collier Pickard

  • Help to craft a forward-looking business strategy
  • Align your team's talents with a unified strategic vision, fostering collective success
  • Be empowered with a sharper data strategy for insightful and impactful choices
  • Flawless integration with telecoms solutions from Rubix VT
  • Navigate the complexities of CRM, CX, and Workflow Management