Getting you connected

What do you need to consider when choosing your broadband? There are three essentials…

Is it fast enough? Who wants to wait for websites to load or to download documents? Faster is always better!

Is it reliable? Nothing is scarier than running a business without internet. It is one of modern life’s essential. Don’t settle for a connection that keeps dropping out.

Is it secure? Not everyone out there has good intentions. Your internet connection must not be vulnerable to cyber criminals.

There are several broadband options to choose from.  We will help you find the right connection for your business.

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The benefits of broadband with Rubix VT

  • We will find the connection that is right for you
  • We only work with providers that are committed to security
  • Our networks are robust and reliable
  • Our key supplier is CarbonNeutral® certified and heading towards carbon net-zero
  • A wide choice of broadband solutions

Which is the best connection for you?

We are here to find the right connection for you.

You can have the fastest internet connection on the market, but we don’t want you to pay for more than you need.

For most businesses, a broadband service known as SoGEA is the perfect solution. It is a fast and competitively priced option. We will have to run a post code check to ensure it is available at your address, but if not we will find you the best alternative.

If you are a heavier internet user, you may be able to upgrade to a full fibre business broadband. The choices available will depend on your address, as full fibre is still a bit of a postcode lottery. We can talk through the options with you

You may not be aware but your internet bandwidth is almost certainly shared by other businesses or households. We don’t have a personal internet line connecting us to the cloud. But you can have one. If you install a leased line, your business can have its own unique business internet provision. No sharing (called ‘contention’) means faster speeds and greater bandwidth.