What exactly is hosted telephony?

Hosted telephony is simply cloud-based telecoms.

The term ‘hosted’ is a reference to the way telecoms used to work. Not too long ago, if you wanted telecoms for your business, you would need a server to store the software needed to operate the phone system.

Effectively, you would ‘host’ your own telecoms. This was never ideal. Traditional telephony applications required on-premises maintenance, your own private telephone exchange, and a multitude of messy cables.

Now everything you need for business telecoms is stored in vast data centres (the cloud), so we ‘host’ your telecoms for you.

This means reduced costs, greater flexibility and tidier offices!

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The benefits of hosted telephony with Rubix VT

  • Scale up as you need to
  • No hardware to buy. In fact, no upfront costs at all
  • Cost-effective: an all-in-one solution with one monthly bill for everything
  • Integrate other software (eg. Salesforce or Hubspot) with your phone system.
  • Ideal if your team are in the workplace, at home or hybrid working

The advantages of cloud telephony

Cost Effective. The number one benefit of cloud telephony is the huge cost saving with the removal of investment in hardware investment, along with maintenance and ongoing upgrades. Cloud telephony operates on a simple subscription model – you only pay for the services you use. Telecoms has never been so cost effective.

Flexibility. Your users can access their phone system from any location – all they need is an an internet connection. If you have home workers, hybrid workers, or people who travel on business, they can always be connected.

Scalability. As everything is in the cloud, you are not restricted to the equipment you own. Cloud telephony means you can easily grow your telecoms as you grow your business.

Stay Up-to-date. The world of telecoms is constantly changing with new features and innovations. With cloud telephony, you will never be left behind.

Business Continuity. Our telecoms providers use multiple data centres and invest heavily in business continuity. Cloud telephony is designed to be robust, agile and flexible.

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Your hosted telephony questions answered

Apologies, but we’re not sure yet. If you’ve not reviewed your telecoms services for some time, it’s likely that your bills are too high. And, it's also likely that savings with us could be substantial. Email us a copy of your bill. Rubix VT will offer you a calculation, free of charge. We’ll work out your monthly savings, incorporating your current monthly spend – and what you could be spending with us instead. Of course, there’s no obligation with our bills analysis.

A great deal, actually. With cloud-based telephony, Rubix VT enables flexible and remote working to the highest standards. Importantly, nobody needs to know that your staff aren’t in the office – even your hard-working receptionist. With confidence, your employees can make outbound calls and receive inbound calls with “softphone” functionality on their pcs or laptops.

For most businesses, a reliable, fast broadband more than suffices. Most addresses have access to 'SoGEA', a fibre broadband connection which delivers download speeds of up to 80 Mbps, and upload speeds of up to 20 Mbps. If not, we'll find you the best alternative that is available. If your business needs to transfer large amount of data, then you may want to consider installing a leased line, which offers powerful and lightning-fast uploads and downloads. If you have a regular broadband service such as SoGEA, it is likely you will be sharing your line with other users, but this is still secure and fast enough for most businesses. A leased line offers dedicated internet access and you won't be sharing your line with other users. Understandably, this is a more expensive option. If you wanted faster broadband without upgrading to a leased line, we offer business-grade broadband, and this could be your best option.  

Historically, many companies have run their phone system using servers based in their premises. It was an expensive option and is no longer necessary. Of course, if you prefer to have your own server and phone systems, we can always support your set-up. When we say we will 'host' your telecoms, we mean we will run it from the cloud ie. a data centre, which is secure and reliable. As well as being more cost-effective (less expensive kit to buy), it is also more flexible and is constantly being updated. For instance, the cloud can turn any device with internet access into a phone. Don’t worry – get in touch with us if you’re not sure.