Brightwells Gostrey Centre

Brightwells Gostrey Centre

Jessica Wells, Charity Manager

Brightwells Gostrey is a charity that supports the older community in two ways:

Social Centre

Open five days a week, the centre provides guests with a warm and welcoming space to meet new people, make friends, have a fresh hot daily meal, start a new hobby and take part in activities such as seated exercises, technology classes, craft projects, singing (we have our own choir, aptly named the Bright Sparks), and gentlemen’s groups etc to help maintain independence.

Currently one in 14 people over the age of 65 have dementia in the UK and one in 79 of the whole population. There is a proven link between loneliness and how this impacts the condition.  The centre not only helps the clients, but also their families/ carers, providing support from the traumatic time of diagnosis or a change in their loved one’s condition through to identifying when a next step or change of care is required. This is done through a network of specially trained staff and volunteers, providing engaging individual and group activities including physical and mental exercises as well as the use of traditional tools such as arts and crafts as well as technology for all clients.

Community Meal Service (CMS)

Affectionately known as meals on wheels the charity provides some of the most vulnerable and/or house bound with a fresh, hot, nutritionally balanced, daily meal. Many have dementia and/or mobility problems and mental health issues, and they are living alone and socially isolated. The kitchen team currently prepares, cooks, packages and send out around 700 meals a month. These are delivered by a dedicated team of volunteer drivers, who are just as vital as the food they are bringing. For some, the drivers are the only faces that our clients will see in a day, helping to relieve loneliness as well as carrying out important welfare checks.

Why are telecoms important to your company (are phones important in your work)? 

They are vital, our charity could not operate without them – we always speak with our clients and their families. We also use the phones to deal with new enquiries, speak with our suppliers and local authorities, and for many other reasons.

Has Rubix provided the services you need?  


Were there any particular challenges or pain points that our products/services helped you address? 

With the significant rise in the cost of living, as well as a dramatic reduction in funding continuing to operate our vital services became even more of a challenge.  Our client relation manager Grace Inglis was fantastic at looking at our account, talking me through all the options and providing us with an affordable service that really works for our charity.

Have the services provided by Rubix had any impact on the day-to-day running of the business. 

Absolutely, the service that Rubix provides has had an extremely positive impact on our day to day running; from simple things such as advice on the best handsets through to great technical support when we need it.

How did you find the service provided by Rubix? 

Fantastic, we are very happy.

Would you recommend Rubix?