The Rubix Difference

The Rubix Difference

Our mantra is Telecoms Simplified.

Telecoms does not need to be complicated.

When someone phones your business, we are here to ensure their call is handled in the most professional manner.

Our mission is to create a phone solution that adds value to your business, and that means improving efficiencies, enhancing caller experiences and optimising your outbound calls.

Your phones can, and should, be fully integrated into the wider business strategy.

We talk in plain English (no jargon guaranteed) and concentrate on finding the RIGHT telephony for you.


Rubix Support team
Lucy Tarrant
Managing Director - Cognitive Law

The services provided by Rubix have had a hugely positive impact on the running of the business. The efficient and smooth-running system has been welcomed by the whole team and enabled everyone to stay better connected to each other and their clients. The training provided was excellent and easy to set up and understand even by the technophobes amongst us, which has made life a lot easier!

The service at Rubix has been super. Their team are friendly, supportive, and professional and they are always on hand to help whenever we need them.

James Leighton
Managing Director - Bennett Oakley

Rubix has provided us with a phone system that is easy to operate and customise. It ensures that we are able to reach our clients and contacts with ease. The inclusion of the mobile app is extremely useful as it allows or staff to stay connected on the move. The app has helped us seamlessly transition into the ‘new working world’ and has ensured that staff are able to receive and make office calls without the need to invest in a fancy system!
The system works seamlessly between office and home without the need for staff input. The system is great and just works. We would definitely recommend Rubix.

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